Time to gear up for the new session


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The winter break is about to end and it is the time to gear up for regular schedule. However, it can be difficult to get back into a regular schedule — for all — kids and/or adults.

We have identified the strategies and approaches to help your child seamlessly get back to school. The main tips to get back to school with ease are:

Start setting Alarm three days prior to the opening day
Waking up early is a big challenge after the holiday time. This causes delay in reaching school. The best way to cope with this is to start this practice three days prior the actual school opening day. Start setting the alarm for each morning. Also develop a practice of going to bed early. Reduce late night watching TV and social media.

Begin with the easy units
To restart the study habit, it is always good to restart study with easy units / topics. Do not go for quantum physics or calculus IV, but go for some easy stuff. This will help you regenerate the interest. Your brain will easily accept the easy units whereas the difficult stuff will not suit it. Do not hesitate to connect to online tutors if needed for any subject at any level.

Restart the gym
Remember your records you made last summer in the gym. Encourage yourself to beat that record. Going to gym in full flow will begin your day with a smile and it will help all day. Take proper diet to compensate your workouts.

Start putting notes and plans in a planner
Take a planner or calendar to set weekly targets. Review your plan every weekend and see how many activities were covered. Achieving the self set goals will make you feel very nice. Glancing on your academic calendar will also help you in setting up the targets. This practice will help eliminate the exam time anxiety as well.

Start saying no to junk food
Holiday time is party time. The quantum of junk food is always on the higher side during this time. But now, it is the time to come back to the usual routine and reduce the junk diet.

Time to tie your shoes!

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Students

Happy New Year! This sound automatically energies and motivates us to plan for new initiatives and resolutions to improve. Whether you are in college or school, half-way through your degree or about to graduate, the beginning of a new year is perhaps the best time to plan and start implementing the new resolutions. Make sure that these resolutions should be achievable and practically feasible.

We have handpicked the seven most helpful resolutions for a student. These resolutions will not only help the student improve academically, but will also help the student improve socially. Here are the resolutions:

1. Improve your health and fitness

Have you ever noticed how many lectures you miss every year because of poor health? Your health and fitness are very important to keep you among the toppers list in your class. Thus making a resolution of improving health is a very good idea. This will require you to do regular activity, gym or sports. Also cutting on fast food will play an important role.

2. Stop procrastinating

If stopping completely is a challenge then at least reduce it and try to bring it close to minimum. This is perhaps the most common initiative students and other take for the New Year. Make it a practice to complete your homework on the same day. This will again help you become disciplined and sincere in studies. In order to succeed better, you’ll need to identify some specific areas where you need to work on procrastinating or delaying.

3. Become an organized person

Becoming an organized person means knowing your responsibilities and completing them on time. For tech savvy students, it is good to use mobile apps that helps you keep organized. Traditional methods such as keeping sticky notes or calendars are still good for others. Based on a survey, we know that people understanding the important and urgent works are among the most successful ones. They keep a checklist of activities they need to cover in a given time-slot.

4. Cut down on extra-curricular activities

Some students have a very unusual problem of wasting their time in less important activities. Some examples of these so called extra-curricular activities are gaming, part-time jobs, etc. Students should give maximum focus on their studies and reduce the time they spend on gaming, etc.

5. Join more Educational program

While cutting down the time on unimportant activities will be only beneficial if this time is spent on other productive activities. Joining programs such as workshop related to your course, seminars related to your subject, etc can help you understand your subject in a much better way. Therefore you can take this point in your new year’s resolutions list.

6. Spend (waste) less

Students must keep an eye on their expenditure. They must know how much they are wasting and try to reduce the same. Try to keep some budget for the month and review spending every week. This will give you a fair idea if you are on the right track.

Tips to Getting a High Score in Tests

Scoring highest in test is the final goal of a student. But, it is not the easiest thing to do. One needs to put in much effort to achieve the same. And some assistance from top tutors can be very helpful in achieving this goal. Opting for online tutoring can be a huge help as one gets access to online tutor from own home. Student can access tutors instantly or schedule a session at own comfortable time. Now the question is:

How to get high score in your tests?

The answer is simple, follow below mentioned basic tips.
Be regular with attending class: Being regular with classes is a very important as it helps in grasping the fundamentals of the course-ware and not to lose the track.

Taking notes in the class: Students with habit of taking notes during the class makes them understand the subject and revise when required.

Asking questions with hesitation: Make sure to ask whenever and wherever you have doubts. Interaction with teachers makes you more comfortable in understanding the subject.

Being prompt with homework assignments: Make sure to complete /finish your homework timely. Do not delay the homework is a good practice. Solving homework timely is easier because homework is based on the lectures delivered. This minimizes mistakes, relaxes your tension and boosts your scores.

Reviewing the class notes periodically: Obtain a practice to go through the class notes periodically is a helpful way to improve your scores and catch up with the subjects

Hire an online tutor for the best results: Sometimes, class notes, lectures, etc are not enough to suit individual student’s needs. A group of 50+ students taught simultaneously are not necessarily certain to perform well in the tests. Thus for personalized attention and best results, hiring an online tutor is perhaps the best idea. An online tutor with years of experience can customize the teaching methods to suit the individual’s needs. On top of all with online tutors, students can seek help at the instant they need it. Online tutoring is accessed from home and hence does not require the student to move out.

Online tutors have the ability to understand the student’s learning style and help him/her accordingly. The online tutors help you at anytime, anywhere around the world with exact requirement and right strategies for you to get rid of your difficulties.

Taking a pre test: If possible student can also try an exact format practice test before the actual exam. This helps you know the test pattern and develops time management in you as well.

Choosing an Online Tutoring Service to Suit your Needs


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Online Tutoring has registered rapid advancements in recent years – in scope and technology both, and forms a substantial part of the total tutoring pie.Private one to one Online Tutoring in a virtual environment is seen by parents and students as an ideal tool to gain knowledge not available to them in a typical classroom setting. Indeed, in the USA concerns have been expressed whether school and college going youngsters can learn enough STEM subjects in the standard school based knowledge delivery system.

Online Tutoring with a good service provider is increasingly considered as the knowledge delivery system of choice. Excellent Online Tutoring services provide convenient and economical options to help children excel in the classroom. But with the rapid expansion this sector is witnessing, it is natural that a multitude of players now crowd this once isolated space. Hence it is not easy to choose an Online Tutoring service that is tailor-made for one’s requirements.

Some of the factors to be considered when choosing an Online Tutoring service are listed below:

1) Qualifications & Expertise of Tutors: As with offline tutoring, in Online Tutoring too there will be tutors with varied qualifications and expertise. Be sure to select a service with well qualified and experienced tutors who are dedicated mentors too. Tutors with Eduwizards are all at least graduates (many are postgraduates and doctors too) with years of online tutoring experience. An ideal choice! Tutors at Eduwizards provide specific help where most needed instead of providing generic and vague help.

2) Consistency: Students develop rapport with a particular tutor who completely understands their learning styles and weak and strong areas. In this regard, it is important to choose a service which allows you to choose your own tutor and also ensures that the same tutor is assigned to you session after session. Eduwizards wins on both counts!

3) Range of resources and teaching aids: Your child’s educational success hinges a great deal not only on excellent tutors but also the technological and academic resources at the tutor’s command. Tutors at Eduwizards have access to the same text books that your child is studying at school so learning is simplified and easy to follow. Besides this, tutors at Edwizards work with teaching tools at the cutting edge of technology. Thus student and tutor not only have access to a virtual interactive whiteboard but also file and screen sharing tools, voice enabled sessions with chat box and recorded sessions to help later recall of past sessions.

4) 24/7/365 Availability:
Make sure that the tutoring service you opt for has tutors available round the clock and at all times in the year. Only then can a student reap the full benefits of online tutoring. Make sure that you are not stuck with a service that cannot provide tutors when your child most needs them. Stick with Eduwizards! They have tutors ready for sessions at any time of day or night round the year.

5) Voice Enabled Sessions are an absolute necessity: Make sure that all tutoring sessions are voice enabled. Chat only or non-voice sessions can often be completely frustrating and a waste of time and money. Any student will agree that it is impossible to explain important concepts without voice, over chat only. Such sessions without voice are to be avoided at all costs. Eduwizards understands this vital need and is perhaps one of the few Online Tutoring service providers where all tutoring sessions are voice enabled – without exception.

6) Should cover the widest possible subject range: Make sure that the chosen service has tutors for as wide a subject range as possible. Eduwizards has subject experts for disciplines ranging from Science to Math to Engineering to Computers and even for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.

Back to School Transition in the New Year

Getting a new school year to a good (if not great) start can make a huge difference in your child’s level of confidence and influence children’s performance both academically and socially. The transition from August to September is never easy for children and making the right moves at this crucial time can have a hugely positive impact on their attitude and in the way they are able to cope with the increased pressures of a new school year. Even kids eager to return to class need parental guidance to adjust to the challenges of a new session in the form of greater activity levels, enhanced study inputs and changing social responsibilities.

Most parents can sense when their child is uneasy in the new academic year – there are enough tell-tale signs that collectively – or individually, point to something being amiss. Lack of enthusiasm towards school and studies, monosyllabic answers from a normally gregarious child, confusion about a particular class or poor marks awarded to a bright performer are all give-away signs that things are not what they should be at school.

I feel the following simple steps and suggestions can go a long way in easing the transition to a new school year and promote a successful and relatively stress-free year:

Review all of the Information: Take care to review all the information sent by the school at the start of the year – this will include critical information about your child’s teacher, supplies required for the new class, sign-ups for social and sports activities, important dates in the school calendar and volunteer opportunities.

Choose a quiet moment to ask about what’s bugging your child: Choose a time when your child is least stressed – maybe while he is watching TV or when he is out with you for an ice cream. Ask him gently about what is wrong – is a particular subject or a teacher the source of his trouble? Probe gently, help him pin-point the problem. Over-reaching will only make him dig in his heels and clam up.

Do not overreact – be positive: The first few days or weeks of a new school session may be rough – do not over react or be rough – this can only be counter-productive. Be quietly reassuring and show you care. Remaining calm and positive is half the battle won.

Enlist a good online tutoring service for your child:
Your child will get maximum relief if he has a virtual tutor to guide and mentor him in his difficult areas and help him with his homework. Eduwizards (www.eduwizards.com) have hundreds of subject experts who can help your child with that troublesome Algebra 2 paper or tricky Geography quiz. Eduwizards tutors are dedicated teachers themselves, available 24/7/365, who can patiently hand-hold your child through their assignment problems and homework issues using state-of-the-art teaching resources including a virtual, interactive whiteboard, screen sharing and file sharing tools and voice enabled study sessions, each of which is recorded for future reference. Both instant-on-demand tutoring for emergencies and pre-scheduled sessions can be availed of at Eduwizards to afford maximum reach and convenience to students.

Getting off on the right foot is vital in the new school year and Eduwizards makes sure that you do not go wrong!

Ten Myths about Test Anxiety



Are you aware about some of the myths surrounding test anxiety? A fore knowledge of these test stress bogies arms you with ways and means to control them and ensure that you do not fall victim to them on test day, ruining your chances of acing the test. Being smart and test savvy can only be a part of the battle on your way to being a good test taker. A substantial part is also how you handle your anxiety prior to an important test, allowing you to be calm, poised, organised and sharp, in full control of your recall faculties. A tall order? Not if you are forewarned about ten of the most common test anxiety myths given below:

1) Smart students do not fall prey to test anxiety – False. Any student can fall prey to the worst kind of test anxiety. Often, even an excellent scholar may feel himself gripped by the most unreasonable fears just before an important test, ruining to a great extent his most thorough preparations in the tense run-up to the test. At the same time, even a poor test taker may conquer his anxiety demons and perform brilliantly on the test, albeit at great mental cost.
2) All round and thorough preparation coupled with perfect study habits guarantees to keep test anxiety away – False. True, all round and timed preparation before a test fosters immense confidence, but students ignoring the ‘performance aspects’ prior to the test risk unleashing stress reactions that can ruin even the best and most systematic test-prep schedules. It is vital that stress management techniques be practiced as much and as often as the other aspects of test preparation.
3) It needs special mental powers to handle test stress well – False. Any student, from the outstanding to the most mediocre, can learn to handle stress and keep anxiety levels low and within manageable limits. It does not need an IQ level of 200 to manage exam related stress.
4) Once test anxiety rears its ugly head, it is unstoppable and you are in major trouble – False. True, it is better to stop stress before it assumes alarming proportions. But there are ways and means to control and harness test anxiety even during a test – deep and controlled breathing is one such solution to manage stress for an otherwise well prepared student.
5) Test related anxiety before or during a test is a sure sign of poor preparation – Partially False. Though even students with long and painstaking preparation levels in the run-up to the exam may be assailed by bouts of anxiety and insecurity before the test, it is a proven fact that students who have prepared well and taken sufficient practice tests prior to the exam can handle stress far better than those who are ill prepared.
6) Test anxiety can be successfully reduced or even eliminated by will power or intellect alone – False. If this had been true, all the brilliant and diligent students would never experience test anxiety and only the intellectually weak students would be weighed down by it. Experience has shown this to be untrue.
7) Anxiety reducing techniques are complicated and difficult to learn and practice – False. Stress busting methods are almost always simple in nature and implementation. They can be performed anywhere without the student being even conscious of practicing them.
8) Simply ignoring stress will make it disappear – False. Ignoring test anxiety will only result in its manifestation in other physical, mental and emotional ways. It is best to put anxiety control measures in place early so that it does not spiral out of control later and ruin your chances of doing well on exam day.
9) Test related anxiety is a sure sign of mental weakness - False. Mental levels are not related to test stress in any way. Controlling and managing stress has to do with developing mental skills that can control and keep stress levels from overcoming you.
10) The more you are consumed with test anxiety, the more it will take control of you – True. If you do not have self-belief, the more you permit yourself to be consumed by anxiety the more you will make it a part of reality. Your goal should be to defuse the situation by imagining and believing in an alternative and happier scenario in which you are the conqueror who strides forward with the utmost confidence.

Test anxiety can hit all, irrespective of age, background, academic ability or IQ. The bottom line is to put in place robust measures and strategies to reduce test related stress before it can ruin the chances of even the best prepared students. You need to know how to manage your mind, calm your emotions and relax your body so you can get into the “test zone”, that powerful, deeply focused mind-body state that gives you excellent recall, mental alertness and clarity. Once you attain this mental toughness, you are ready to calmly face the mental pressures of modern day academics.

The Preferred Place for Instant Tutoring – EduwizardS


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Our company, EduwizardS, is growing up – negotiating the online tutoring learning curve with skill and dexterity. No longer a fledgling start-up, we have progressed from a company offering hard core online tutoring to something much more evolved and complex, with a product range spanning online tutoring services for students, online assessment and content services for institutions (EduwizardS is an approved SES/NCLB services provider for many states), CCSS based content development customized for all levels, assignment help and tutoring programs with a unique money back guarantee.

EduwizardS are the pioneers of the ‘Choose Your Own Tutor’ model. Our website features the world’s best tutors and subject matter experts, openly ranked and reviewed by students. Online tutoring sessions at EduwizardS are always one-to-one, using cutting edge study tools like white board, text chat and voice communication that creates a real time learning environment. We at EduwizardS firmly believe that non-voice tutoring sessions are much less effective as a learning medium and not only waste precious teaching time but also inhibit development of the teacher-student bond, so essential in an online learning environment.

As we continued to grow, we have added new subjects and disciplines to our repertoire. We now offer expert tutoring in subjects as diverse as foreign languages including Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German and French, Computer Certification Training, Finance Certification Training, Common Core State Standards products, Professional and Certification Courses and Advanced and Basic level standardize test products for exams such as AP, ACT, GMAT, GRE, SAT and MCAT.

Connecting stressed students to the best tutors in the shortest possible time is the essence of an efficient tutoring service and EduwizardS focuses all its efforts towards delivering such a product with a high success percentage. While pre-booked and scheduled sessions with education experts continue to enjoy importance, instant-on-demand tutoring sessions have emerged as the front runners that clamor for our attention. We do understand how unnerving it can be to be stuck with a seemingly insoluble math problem just before a test and pride ourselves in being able to provide expert help for just such a contingency at very short notice. Specially tuned software on the tutor search page can point students to tutors available instantly to tackle SOS situations! Students who have enough time can always schedule sessions with the same tutor again and again to ensure continuity in teaching and learning styles and not break the thread of past sessions.

Another reason for Eduwizards to be the favored destination for students looking for online tutoring is that all our tutors hold at least a bachelor’s degree – often higher, and are not students themselves. College student-tutors get busy with their own studies during final-exams and other peak times. We cannot allow a possibility where the student-tutee suffers because the college student-tutor has to him/herself study, and cannot give full and equal attention year-round. Thus we find that it is best to have tutors who have completed their own studies.

Navigating the Eduwizards Website- Simple, Fast and Precise


The Eduwizards home page is streamlined, colourful and peppy with all information about subjects, programs and products arranged lucidly for ready reference and access. We are continuously updating the Eduwizards web site to make it as user friendly and simple to navigate as possible.

Searching for tutors who best meet your needs is easy with the “Power Search” button on the top right hand corner of the home page.  Simply inputting grade, subject and discipline throws up a list of tutors for that specific subject and grade. Tutors who are currently available online for instant or scheduled sessions have a prominent orange active button alongside their name. By clicking on this orange button, users can contact the tutor immediately and get instant tutoring at a moment’s notice. Tutor reviews, availability and rates are also accessible alongside each tutor’s name, making it a simple job to identify and zero in on the right tutor. Students can directly mail the tutor from the search results to fix up a scheduled session.

Instant on demand Live Tutoring can also be availed by clicking on the Green “Work with a Tutor right now” button located right atop the “Power Search” button. Users will be immediately able to connect with online tutoring experts for a myriad of most popular subjects listed grade wise and take a problem solving session instantaneously!
Conveniently located tabs for products like Unlimited Tutoring, Assignment Help, Custom Programs (including tutoring programs and content solutions), FAQs and Contact details at the top of the home page enable even the uninitiated to hit upon the program of their choice with unfailing accuracy.

Prominent and popular programs like “Unlimited Tutoring”, “Test Prep with Top Scorer Tutors”, “Instant on Demand Tutoring” and “Tutoring Package with Grade Improvement Guarantee” can also be searched from the box displayed conspicuously on the home page as can the Tutor Reviews that are posted openly for all to see. The bottom of the home page features a comprehensive list of all subjects for which tutoring is available at Edwizards and a mouse click on the subject of choice immediately takes one to a page carrying a concise description of what that subject is all about and how online tutoring with Eduwizards  can be an ideal solution.

At the top right hand corner are located the Customer Care chat box and Helpline telephone number – both available 24/7! Similarly, student login and free sign up is also a breeze from the Eduwizards home page and visitors can even like us on  Facebook  – there are already 485 of them and increasing rapidly every day!

We’ll love to have your feedback and suggestions about how to improve our web site to make it even more practical and user friendly. Your emails with your comments will delight us or you can tweet us at @eduwizards!

Make the most of your Online Lessons with Instant-On-Demand-Tutoring – now live 24/7 for Math and Popular Subjects



It’s midnight before your final exam and you are stumped by a tricky math or science problem. Need urgent help to do well in your test? Where do you find a subject matter expert at that unearthly hour to help with your questions? EduwizardS, the leaders in online tutoring, now have a futuristic tutoring model that aims to provide the most effective and convenient online one-on-one tutoring ever – Instant-on-demand online tutoring. Thousands of stumped high school and college students now flock to Eduwizards.com and pay by the minute to interact with top tutors at any hour of the day – or night, and get ready help and instant answers to their vexing queries.

At EduwizardS, students worldwide can instantly connect to a top tutor in an online lesson space at a mouse-click, have a pre-session chat and quickly proceed to solve their instant homework, assignment or test prep problems without the fuss or waiting period of a pre-scheduled session. Instant-on-demand tutoring has proved to be a runaway success with students and parents because all the advantages of a regular scheduled session like whiteboard, tools and voice and text chat have been incorporated into these instant sessions for a splendid, never-before tutoring experience! Whats more, recordings of all sessions are available for students to refer to if required.

EduwizardS boasts of 5000+ tutoring experts who are at least graduates (and often have post graduate or doctoral qualifications) and cover all possible subjects, grades and levels. Students can easily select the best tutors for their instant problem solving from more than 15000 tutor reviews, most of them overwhelmingly positive, posted freely on their web site for all to see. Students can see which tutors are currently online for their subject, browse tutor profiles and proceed to have an instant session with a tutor of their choice.

EduwizardS take pride in the fact that all tutoring experts available for instant-on-demand sessions and also for scheduled classes on their web site are tutoring professionals, passionate about their work and ever-ready to help students with their work. We feel this is a distinct advantage over having tutors who are themselves studying and tutor only to augment their finances during a college or school year. It is very likely that such student tutors may find themselves too engrossed in their own studies at exam time to be able to spare the time and energy to help other students during this critical period.

Students can benefit from a demo of the EduwizardS instant-on-demand tutoring product thoughtfully posted on You Tube by following the link at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vET5NxWc1ME.

The admissions and job market scenario is extremely competitive and students should to whatever it takes to get an edge over others. The best scheduled and person-to-person tutoring sessions are worthless when you are stumped by a problem at midnight right before an important exam or need a clarification 20 minutes before exam time. A great EduwizardS tutor can explain in 10 minutes what days and hours of digging through books, lessons and videos may fail to achieve.

Perhaps that is the reason why Instant-on-Demand tutoring sessions at EduwizardS are proving to be such favourites with students everywhere.